Make meaningful connections with video.

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Hi, I'm Mike, and this is introbooth.

We've teamed with Launch Workplaces to provide our custom video and intelligent matching platform to you, for FREE!  

(You should definitely high five a Launch team member for making it happen!)

How it works

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Custom Video

Filmed on location

Film your 30 second personal pitch video inside our mobile video studio. 


Matching algorithm

Crunching the data

Approved videos are uploaded and the platform uses data to make a match.


Make it happen

Meaningful intros

View match videos to gain a better insight and make a connection. 

What to Expect

step 1:  introbooth on site

An introbooth team member sets up at a partner location. Members have their personal pitch videos filmed. 

step 2:  complete the form

A simple form is filled out to provide more context to the video, and let someone learn more. 

step 3:  edit or forget it

All videos are edited and submitted for approval. 

step 4: Meaningful matches

The platform compiles video and form data to provide the best matches across the network. 

step 5: sharing is caring

Introductions are made and pitch videos shared. 

step 5: repeat

Ongoing video content creation to make more matches and promote thought leadership.