What makes the perfect pitch?

Follow the "3 Be's" to nailing the perfect pitch. 

1.  Be Yourself

Introbooth pitch videos are not some polished, edited highlight reel. They are you, in the moment, and that's powerful!! Project who you are into the camera. 

2.  Be Prepared

OK, just because these aren't scripted and fine tuned in post production, doesn't mean you should be unprepared. You have 30 seconds to communicate to someone why they should work with you. 

Consider answering these questions (before sitting down in the booth):

  • Who are you? Like, do you have a name?
  • What do you do? commercial real estate broker? Sell skin care products? Work for a large insurance agency?
  • How do you help people? This is sometimes a tricky one. But trust me...your value is not just in an insurance policy, you cover people's assets when they need it the most! You see where I am going.

3.  Be Confident

Let me let you in on a little secret. Very few of us are comfortable talking about ourselves, let alone on camera. However, you have value (see #2)!!!! You wouldn't be in business if you didn't. So, own it! Besides, even projecting just a little confidence will go a long way on camera.


Mike's Pitch

Get the Pitch Script Here.


Happy Networking :)